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Cash advances cost money, can hurt credit score

Cash advances can be great in a pinch, but your credit may feel the pain.

You can access credit-card cash advances through ATMs or convenience checks.

Most times, you use advances when you don't have enough cash and paying by credit isn't an option.

But repeatedly taking cash advances can cost you big in both money and credit score.

Most cash advances carry upfront fees of 2 percent to 4 percent of the amount advanced.

The interest charges start accumulating as soon as the cash is in your hand.

Some lenders may require you to pay off your balance for other purchases before you can begin paying off the higher-interest balance for cash advances.

Your credit score is hurt when you use most of your available credit.

To find out what you'll really pay for cash advances, check your monthly statements for the specific fees and other charges associated with cash advances. The law requires card issuers to disclose such information.




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