Refinancing a house is a proven method for increasing the cash flow of homeowners in the United States.

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House Refinance

Refinance into a low fixed rate for 30-years.

Lower your loan payments while house refinance rates are low!

House Refinance

Homeowners have a financial advantage with the housing refinance option. This type of refinancing enables a borrower to use their home to qualify for the lowest interest rates ever reported for the housing sector. Leverage your home and save money with record low mortgage refinance rates that will significantly reduce your house expenses. Why not get a house refinance that lowers your monthly payments and increases your annual savings?

How to Refinance a House without Paying Closing Costs

No cost refinancing is a popular option for borrowers that have good credit and who work with motivated lenders. With home refinance rates dipping to an all-time low, millions of homeowners are scrambling to lock their interest rate while the terms are so favorable. The 1- Refinance Company provides a broad selection of house refinance products. Borrowers can choose from traditional refinance, FHA, VA refinancing and jumbo housing refinance.

Fixed House Refinancing
With rates declining below 5%, there is an opportunity for most homeowners to save money by reducing the interest rate on their home mortgage.

  • Low Rates
  • Refinance Loans
  • No Pre-Pay Options
  • No Closing Cost Refinancing

If you save money from house refinancing without stretching the years of your mortgage it makes sense to move forward. 

Eliminating an adjustable interest rate with a fixed rate home mortgage is a sensible financial decision.

Yes you can complete a house refinance even if you are underwater. The HARP 2.0 has no loan to value caps!

Most economists have forecasted that low interest rates will drive the economy out of recession. Most indicators point toward an upward trend for house refinancing from the West Coast of California to the East Coast of New York.

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No Cost Refinance

No Cost Refinance Loans:
Find out if you qualify for a house refinance that requires no money for fees or closing costs.

Cash Out or Rate and Term Refinancing

Jumbo Refinance Loans
Up To $2,500,000!

All refinance programs are subject to borrower qualification; refinance program limitations, & lending underwriting guidelines.

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