Refinance high interest lines of credit with a Low Fixed Rate Home Equity Loan.

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Refinance your home & lower rate.

Leverage House Value for Cash Out.

Lower monthly expenses with a debt consolidation loan.

Get funds for education or financing a new car.

Pay off revolving debts and Adjustable rate loans with a fixed rate equity loan.

Consolidate your 1st & 2nd Mortgages into one Low Rate Mortgage

Home Equity Refinance

Home equity refinancing has become popular again a few years after borrowers who took out credit lines experienced their rates adjusting. Our home equity lenders offer competitive home equity loan refinance products. Home equity loans are 2nd mortgage liens that are typically used to access cash or to avoid mortgage insurance in a purchase transaction. Most financing experts suggest converting variable interest to a fixed rate loan. This makes a home equity refinance more attractive because borrowers will end up pay less interest over the term of the loan. Refinancing equity loans just became a little easier with our new 2nd lien programs.

Refinance Your Home Equity Credit Line Today

Are you looking for a low-simple interest, tax-deductible loan? Do you want to purchase a home or payoff your high interest credit card debt? Use the 1-Refinance Company’s resources for information about various home equity loans. Using your Home's Equity to Consolidate Your Debt.

Did you know your home could help you consolidate your debt? Depending on your financial goals, tapping in to your home's equity might be just the thing to do if you want to:

  • Eliminate compounding credit card bills
  • Lower your total payment amount
  • Make your debt tax deductible
  • Consolidate all of your bills into one low monthly payment.
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Mortgage Rates are still at Historic Low Levels.
It's not too late to Refinance your Home & Cash Out.

Lock into a Lower rate Refinance Mortgage & Start Saving

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