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Jumbo mortgage loans up to 2 Million! If you have a past bankruptcy or foreclosure, ask about bad credit home equity loans.

Jumbo Mortgage Refinance

If you are tired of being rejected, because your home costs too much, consider 1-Refinance.com for hassle-free jumbo mortgage loans for refinance or home purchase.  Your online search for loans is over, because we will help you get approved for a Jumbo Mortgage Loan for refinancing, cash out or consolidating bills. 1-Refinance.com offers a large variety of Fixed Rate Home Loans with competitive terms and simple processing.  These super jumbo home loans are always popular with borrowers from California, New York, and Virginia, because the home sales prices have reached million dollar levels.  Jumbo mortgage rates have been rising from their recent historic lows, but that doesn’t mean that you can lower you mortgage payments or get additional cash with a fixed rate refinance loan.

Jumbo Mortgage Benefits

  • Larger Loan Amounts
  • Fixed Payments- Fixed Terms
  • Home Loans up to $4,000,000
  • 30 or 40-year Jumbo Loans
  • Jumbo Option Loans

Refinance Benefits

  • Combine 1 st & 2nd mortgages together for one payment
  • Refinance Adjustable Rates with Fixed Rate Loans
Jumbo Home Mortgage Rates from 1-Refinance.com
Fixed Payment- Fixed Rate Mortgages Low Rate Conventional and Jumbo ARM’s
15-Year Fixed Rate Loans
20-Year Fixed Rate Loans
25-Year Fixed Rate Loans
30-Year Fixed Rate Loans
40-Year Fixed Rate Loans
2/28 ARM 2 years fixed-then variable
3-Year ARM-3 years fixed-then variable
5-Year ARM-5 years fixed-then variable
7-Year ARM- 7 years fixed-then variable
10-year ARM- 10 years fixed-then variable
1. Consolidate Revolving Debt
2. Refinance Adjustable Interest Rate Loans with a Fixed Rate Mortgage
3. Roll your first & second mortgage together for one payment
4. Lower interest rates can save you money
5. Get access to cash when refinancing
6. Refinancing Debt can help increase credit score

1-Refinance.com Refinance Loan Tips

More Low Rate ARM's
Fixed Rate ARM: 2, 3, 5, 7 or 10 year periods.
- Interest Only Options
- Lower Payments

Sub Prime Lending Options – If you are being denied financing options, because you had some problems in the past, then give 1-Refinance.com a shot at processing your next mortgage loan.
Conventional Mortgage Limit Increases to $417,000– Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac increase in housing values, mortgage financiers sharply raised the dividing line between conforming and more-expensive jumbo mortgages.
Payment Option ARM Choices Well
- Interest Only Options
- Negative Amortization Payments
- Fixed or Interest Only Payment Options

Refinance high balance loans into a jumbo mortgage with a better rate.

For Loans Up to 95% of your home's value we have the programs to help.

Reduce your mortgage rates.

Get cash for just about anything.

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