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Refinance your home & lower rate

Borrow up to 125% of your home's value

Lower your monthly payments

Pay off your mortgage faster

Get cash for just about anything

No Income Verification Loans

Adjustable or Fixed Rates

Consolidate all your mortgages into one home loan with a lower interest rate.

Jumbo Mortgages up to 2 Million!

Stated Income Refinance Loans

Reduced Documentation Loans for Home Refinancing:
Low Payment Home Mortgages for Self-Employed Borrowers
It's not too late to Refinance & Cash Out.

Streamline the loan process with a Stated Income Refinance Loan that requires no income verification. Lock into a fixed or variable rate mortgage that meets your needs!

Even if you aren’t able to provide income documentation, refinancing with a could be a pleasurable experience in financing.  We offer stated income refinance loans for paying off high rate loans and credit card debt. offers a large variety of reduced documentation loans with competitive terms and simple processing.  These home loans are always popular with self-employed borrowers, who would prefer a streamlined process. Mortgage Rates have been rising from their recent historic lows, but that doesn’t mean that you can lower you mortgage payments or get additional cash with a fixed rate refinance loan.

Stated Income Program Features

  • Stated loans allow you to state your income for qualifying purposes.
  • No Income Verification
  • Stated Income Stated Assets (no reserves required)
  • Bank Statement Program with No Pay-stubs, W2, or tax returns needed
  • Pay off bad credit mortgage liens.

100% Stated Income Loans:
Home Purchase
Cash Out
Rate and Term Refinance

No Income No Asset Loans to 90% LTV:
Purchase Loans
Bill Consolidation
Rate and Term Refinancing

Cash Out Jumbo Home Loans To $4,000,000!

1. Refinancing may offer additional tax deduction incentives
2. Consolidate High Interest Rates
3. Refinance Adjustable Interest Rate Loans with a Fixed Rate Mortgage
4. Roll your first & second mortgage together for one payment
5. Lower interest rates can save you money
6. Get access to cash when refinancing
7. Refinancing Debt can help increase credit score
  • 30 year Fixed Rate Refinance
  • 3/1 ARM Interest Only Mortgage
  • 5/1 ARM Interest Only Mortgage
  • 7/1 ARM Interest Only Mortgage
  • 10/1 ARM Interest Only Mortgage
  • 100% Interest Only Mortgage
  • 103% No Money Down Purchase

All loan programs are subject to borrower qualification; refinance program limitations, & lending underwriting guidelines.

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