Streamline Refinance

The US government has endorsed the streamline refinance program for FHA and VA loans. To qualify for a streamline refinance, you must already have a VA mortgage or FHA loan that has been current for the last twelve months. FHA streamline loans are popular because FHA customers can get a rate and term refinance loan quickly. VA streamline refinance loans are popular with veterans who need a lower interest rate quickly. The streamline loan program encourages an automated process and reduced closing costs. There is no cash out available with the streamline refinance product.

The streamline is highly regarded because there is typically no appraisal required. In most cases streamline fees are less than traditional refinancing loans, but the FHA no longer allows borrowers to finance the closing costs. Streamline refinance rates have never been better so act now while the opportunities to save money exist.

Streamline Refinance Benefits

  • Fixed Rate Refinance
  • No Credit Refinancing
  • Cash Refinance Loans
  • Bad Credit Refinance
  • No Closing Cost Option
  • Equity Loan Refinance
Loan Type
Property Type
Property Value
Loan Amount:
Credit Rating


15 or 30-yr Fixed Refinance Rate Refinancing
97% FHA Refinance Loans
100% VA Refinance Rates

  • No Equity Refinance
  • VA Refinancing
  • Consolidate Debt
  • No Cost to Apply

  • Refinance and Save Money!

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